It is VERY important that the property owner be advised of several factors regarding the nature of a professional chemical lawn care company. You will notice drastic changes with each application, but it will take a full season to completely clean up your lawn.

Weeds are divided into three main categories which are broad leaf, grassy weeds and sedges.

  • Broad leaf weeds, such as dandelions, henbit (purple flowers), and clover grow during the spring and fall months
  • Grassy weeds, such as crab grass, barnyard grass, and Johnson grass grow during the spring and summer months
  • Sedges such as Nutsedge, Green Kyllinga, Purple Nutsedge, ect grow during the summer months, these are very hard perennial weeds to control
  • Pre-emergent chemicals control weeds in the seeding stage, thus preventing them from germinating. Some examples of such weeds are crabgrass, henbit, and Poa-Anna
  • Post-emergent chemicals control visible weeds, thus the weeds that have already germinated

Your lawn and/or property will consist of five (5) applications per year.

The following schedule may be followed:

Round 1
January - Lime and post-emergent application (Nutrient for your lawn)

Round 2
February-March - Pre and Post-emergent application (1st application for weed control)

Round 3
April-May - Pre and Post-emergent and fertilizer application (2nd application for weed control)

Round 4
June-July - Post-emergent and fertilizer application (This will target weeds that may pop up during the summer, such as Nutsedge)

Round 5
October-November - Pre and Post-emergent and potash application