Cowles Custom Applications is not just a business it is a career that began in 1998 and has grown to be a thriving business with a large customer base.

Mike Cowles, owner of CCA, is certified and licensed in TN in Category 3 HLT which is for Chemical lawn care. In addition he is also certified in Category 6 WEC certificate. And is in the process of obtaining his Category 6 license. CCA is a licensed, bonded, insured and Chartered company . Mike has over 20 yrs of experience in Chemical lawn care treatment. In addition to his experience in lawn care he has extensive knowledge in dirt work including Seeding and Sod work, Erosion Control, drainage on property whether it be Commercial, Residential, new or existing properties.

Mark Ford is a long term technician who has been with CCA since 2007. Mark is certified to apply various chemicals to your lawn, trees, shrubs, etc. He attends classes each year in order to stay up to date on various issues with grass. Mark has very good customer service skills in talking with customers should they have questions.

Chad Stephens has been with CCA since 2010 and is also certified to apply chemicals to your property whether it be grass, trees, shrubs, ect. Chad also attends classes each year to stay up to date on information he needs to perform his job. Chad is an essential part of our Chemical Lawn Spraying as well as his knowledge of dirt work equipment.

Rory Ownsby is our newest technician with CCA beginning in 2016. Rory is in training with Mark on the truck and is studying to take tests to become certified. He is able to apply chemicals under the direction of Mark Ford.

Lou Ann Woodward is our Office Manager, she came to us in 2012 and takes on numerous roles each day. She does all invoicing for our customers, interacts with customers via phone or email to handle any questions they may have. Lou Ann learns new information everyday in order to answer customer questions in Mike's absence.