We have had numerous calls with questions concerning weeds and grass not greening up.  We have videos on our Face Book page for you to view.  But with that being said we will try to answer some of the questions here.

As we all know the weather has been most uncooperative this Spring causing various issues that are affecting your lawns.  We have had alot of Fire/Burn weed as well as some Foxtail.  These weeds have germinated in the thatch due to the cool and wet conditions.  The current lawn treatment (Early Summer) will kill these weeds out, we just have to get there to treat the lawn.  But we can only go as fast as we can while dealing with wind, rainy conditions and cool temps.

There has also been concern from our customers that their grass is just not greening up.  Again this is weather related, Bermuda thrives in HOT weather and we have just not seen that much 80 and above temps.  A few days here and there but nothing consistent.  The grass needs SUN and HOT temps to begin to green up.  But with this treatment (Early Summer) there is fertilizer as well as weed killer.  This fertilizer with Sun and Warmer temps will kick your grass into high gear.

If our temps continue to stay moderate then be prepared that your grass will take some time to transition, but his has nothing what so ever to do with the chemical treatments.   The chemicals are doing their job but without the sun and temps they are working at a slower rate.

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