Even though we are heading into May we have still been having cool and rainy weather to contend with.  This will cause the grass to be delayed in it's growth and green up.  If you have a FESCUE lawn you may notice brown patches in your lawn that you may have not seen in the past.  This could be what is called Brown Patch which is a fungal issue caused by rain, leaves or other debris laying on top of the ground holding in all the moisture.  If you suspect this please give us a call so we can check it out and if need be provide a fungicide treatment.


If you have a Zoysia lawn, you could also notice what is called a Zoysia Patch.  Same applies here, you may need a fungicide treatment

If you have a Bermuda lawn, it is going to take temps staying in the 80's and above with lots of sunshine for the Bermuda to come out of dormancy.  Bermuda thrives in Hot weather not this cool, rainy weather.



On a good note we have not seen any Winter kill since we didn't have the Ice like we did in the past 2 years. But keep in mind with this cool/rainy weather it is the making of the "Perfect Storm" and wreaking havoc on lawns until the weather settles down and we have the good ole Southern temps back in play.



Alot of people have not mowed their lawns for the first time yet and have lots of Thatch under the grass, keep in mind Saplings falling from trees can germinate in the thatch as well as Fire Weed, but after a mowing these will disappear.









To Ease your mind our Chemicals are doing the job, but with cooler weather and rain it takes longer for the weed to die off.  If you notice some weeds, go outside and give them a good look, most of the time you will see the blades curling over or a yellowing of the weed which means it is slowly dying off.

We are doing our best to get the chemicals applied in a timely manner, but this spring has been difficult to say the least.  We have averaged being down due to weather at least 1-2 time per week.